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The Morgan Line

Genre: Comedy
Written by Vaughan Sivell, Brian Jordan and Chris Rowe
Directed by Vaughan Sivell
Supported by Ffilm Cymru Wales

Status: In Development

'The Morgan Lines' is a collection of long- and short-form film stories exploring the layers of myth and mystery that evolve through the generations of one eccentric family.

The films examine how assumption and hearsay become historic fact. How every generation tends to embellish the successes and failures of the previous; to avoid the uncomfortable truths of the present; and for the next to be put off asking for explanations that would shed clearer light on their own existence until it’s too late.

The cornerstone of the 'The Morgan Lines' content world will be the full length feature ‘The Morgan Line’, – a romantic comedy; Three young men, believing themselves to be first cousins, are called to the reading of their Grandfather’s Will.

“…The truth is that I only have one true Grandson, and to him I leave my home and remaining estate. He is… J.C. Morgan…”

Joseph Carey Morgan, James Cadogan Morgan and John Christopher Morgan look at each other bemused…. It’s Friday and they have until the funeral on Monday to learn the truth of their existence.

Trapped in their Grandfather’s dusty mansion the boys are visited by numerous relatives who have come to collect the various objects he has bequeathed them. In turn they leave pieces of wisdom that both help and hinder the boys in their search for the truth of how their peculiar lineage came to be.

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