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In the Absence of Mrs Petersen

Genre: Period Thriller
Adapted from the Novel by Nigel Balchin

Status: In Development

Set in 1965, “In the Absence of Mrs Petersen” is the stylish, sexually charged story of James Petersen, 45, who witnesses his wife, Sarah, perish in a plane crash on the runway of LAX Airport only to meet her doppleganger in Paris two weeks later.

Katherina Felnic, is a refugee of the Yugoslavian Communist regime. On learning of her uncanny similarity to James’ dead wife, she sees an opportunity to return to Serbia with him, posing as Sarah, to retrieve her lost inheritance. 

Has fate dealt him an intriguing and adventurous second chance - or a painful and dangerous test of his sanity? With nothing else to devote his life to, James agrees.

By teaching the young Katherina to convincingly become Sarah in body and in spirit we watch James play out the intricacies of his difficult marriage with this beautiful stranger whose identity becomes more and more confusing to him as their journey across Europe evolves.

It’s only when the “couple” get to Serbia that we learn the real reason Katherina wanted to return and what terrible conspiracy James has stumbled into.

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