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Agi & Fernando


Genre: Comedy/Crime Drama
10-Part TV series written by Jolyon Coy and Leo Bill

Status: In Development

Agi and Fernando is the tale of two blood-thirsty, flamenco-dancing lovers, and their dim-witted guitarist, Martin. The lovers are linked by unquenchable lusts for each other, amateur ballroom and blood. Soon after their first steamy and fatal dance practice they realise that the more they kill – the better they dance. And so begins a tour of ballroom competitions that leaves a trail of bodies.

Meanwhile, they have no idea that their hapless and well-meaning, much abused, guitarist, Martin, is destined to save the universe. The problem is, he has no idea either. At every turn bizarre signs, inform him that he is the key to saving the entire universe, but, if he notices them at all, he never comes close to grasping their meaning.

Can the murderous ballroom couple be stopped?

Can Martin save the Universe?